Welcome to Our New Website!! 
We are still designing and fine tuning! We thank you for your patience while we get everything in working order. 
For the most up to date adoption listings, please visit our Facebook adoptable group.

Check out your local store that sells Royale tissue, paper towel, and bathroom tissue! 
Keep an eye out for the new and limited time logos to help fundraise for local animal shelters Canada wide! 
Check out royale.ca/pets for info! You can purchase Royale at multiple locations, 
but need to spend a total of $20 (before tax), take a pic and upload your receipt(s) on the Royale website! 
So easy and everyone wins, especially the animals!
Thank you for your support! #RoyaleHomeForEveryPetProject




Please visit the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association for their full position statement. 

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