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Did you know children up to the age of 12 can become a junior member of the Gander and Area SPCA? Just like regular members, our junior members are animal lovers who treat animals kind. 

Each year hundreds of animals are abandoned or abused in the Gander area. It is our goal as a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to advocate on the behalf of those who can't defend themselves. By providing education on responsible pet ownership, preventing cruelty, and sheltering those animals in need.

Showing support as a member of the Gander and Area SPCA, even non voting junior members, helps to ensure the animals in our area -  that stretches from Terra Nova to Lewisporte, and everywhere in between - are protected from harm. With the help of our members, we can continue to educate the people in our area on the humane treatment of animals; reducing the number of abuse cases, unwanted litters, and the commitment involved with having companion animals. 

Junior members help our SPCA maintain our mission, and achieve our visions. Junior members are not eligible to vote in our by-elections. 

As a condition of any of our memberships, all members are required to uphold our bylaws and must comply with our code of conduct. 

Membership Fees:

$10 annually 

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