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Our shelter cares for hundreds of animals a year; some of them have been abused, neglected, strays, simply unwanted, or were once treasured family pets. We provide them with shelter, make sure they have full bellies, and give them lots of love and attention, until we can find them a new home. None of what we do would be possible without kind hearted, animal loving people, generously making donations.

Through our Sponsorship Program, you can see your donation in action. For $200 you will have the satisfaction of knowing any dog that calls your kennel home, or a cat in the room you sponsor, will be well taken care of because of your donation. It's a great way to honor a loved one, a beloved pet, or for a business to show the public how much they care about animals.

As a thank you for your sponsorship, you will receive a certificate of appreciation that you can proudly display, and along the way you'll receive a picture and story of an animal who has been helped because of you. Your sponsorship will also be publicly acknowledged with a display of your logo, photo of your choosing, and name, on or around your kennel, for the many people who visit our shelter to see. As well, your sponsorship will be displayed proudly on our website.

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