Built On Love Wall Tile - Purchased in lieu of gift

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This purchase includes a digital file explaining your kind gesture, which you can download and pass on to the person for which the tile will be engraved.   

Help us continue to help the abused and unwanted animals of Gander and Area! For $20 a 2 inch x 4 inch tile will be proudly and permanently displayed in our new shelter. You will also be able to view your tile on our website and for an additional $5, we can attach a picture to your tile on our website. 

Each tile can be dedicated in the memory of a beloved pet or loved one, you can also honor a living relative or a cherished pet or leave your very own mark on our shelter and have the tile in your name or your business or school! 

Each tile can only contain two names, unless used generally, for example; "Donated by the Doyle Family" or "In loving memory of all my cherished pets." 

The tiles are in three different colours, but at this time, we can not guarantee colour request will be honored. 

If you have any further questions, please call our shelter at (709) 651-3002 or email [email protected]

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Built On Love Wall Tile
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